Sunday, November 23, 2008


In November I embarked on a lengthy trip which brought me to to France, Finland and Denmark. In France, I met with Henri Bruel, the leading living French Naive artist and aquired 23 of his paintings for purposes of an individual exhibition that will be displayed in GINA Gallery Tel Aviv in January 2009.

The trip to Finland deepened GINA Gallery's relationship with 2 artists, Katja Mesikammen and Aimo Katajainen, emerging with 7 additional works. Finally, in Denmark, I met with 8 new Danish artists and aquired approximately 25 new artworks. All of the paintings aquired in Finland and Denmark are being sent to GINA Gallery Tel Aviv and will be diplayed, commencing on December 4, 2008 in a new exhibition entitled, "Naivism: Celebrating the Human Narrative. " The opening of the exhibition coincides with GINA Gallery Tel Aviv's 5th anniversary which will be celebrated in a gala fashion in the presence of GINA Gallery's major supporters.

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