Sunday, February 1, 2009



I recently returned from a brief trip to Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador on a mission to aquire new artworks for both GINA Galleries.

In Nicaragua, my first stop, I met with 7 artists from Masaya and Managua, aquiring approximately 10 new paintings. In Honduras, I met with 5 artists from whom I aquired 7 new paintings and during my last stop in El Salvador, I agreed to take 15 works by 7 artists. While in El Salvador, I was fortunte enough to encounter the Las Palmas group of Naives who introduced me to a younger generation of artists. One of these artists, Dalia Rivera, age 26, who is midway through earning a degree in economics from her local university, has decded to follow in the footsteps of her accomplished parents (Oscar Linares and Damary) while maintaining an artistic style uniquely her own...a style which I believe will endear her to GINA visitors.

Several artists mentioned that the economic crisis has significantly impacted on their lives both creatively and personally, however they remain optimistic regarding their future and certainly their artworks reflect this wonderful attitude.

In late February, I hope to visit both France and Belgium to meet with the local Naives of those countries and return with several new examples of their work.

Stay tuned...!


Carolina Elizabeth said...

How lovely. It's been a while since I've been back. Actually almost twenty years. My parents go back about once a year, but I love to hear about from another's view.

Claudia said...

The naive art is beautiful. They offer peace and happiness. Your job is very interesting.
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